Practicum abroad comes in three ways. Students may apply themselves to any organization abroad subjected to approval from the Office of Student Development and Alumni, COLGIS. All expenses for this type of practicum are fully self-financed. The second type of practicum abroad offers students a place for practicum abroad but the expenses are everything on the student. The third option is a special program where students may follow practicum program offered by UUM. This special program is fully sponsored by UUM in collaboration with outside agency. In the past UUM had successfully sent students doing their practicum over ten countries all over the world through this special program. Nevertheless students may have to apply and only those pass the selection test will be selected for the program.

Praktikum Pakistan A171

WANG YU QING (Bacherlor of International Affairs Management), Internship at China Radio International (Pakistan), Semester A171


Practicum locally ranges from four to six months. Placement process will be managed totally by the Centre for University-Industry Collaboration. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, students are allowed to choose a place of their own after consulting the practicum coordinator. All expenses are to be taken care of by the students. Both practicum abroad and local carries the same credit hours and length.